What Makes MX Select Different

With 3 models to choose from: 30, 55, and 5 Lbs. There is an MX adjustable dumbbell system to fit your training needs and budget. Save space,  money and time with the MX Select line of adjustable dumbbells. 

​Features that set MX Select apart:

1st. The patented selector mechanism and patented weight plates on the MX Select Dumbbells are what makes it look, feel and act like commercial style dumbbells.  for each weight selection that is nearly identical to each dumbbell in a rack since it lengthens and shortens with weight selections.

2nd.  The steel rack and pinion weight selector system inside MX Select. With only two moving parts in the mechanism, you don't have to worry about it failing or missing a plate engagement. 

3rd. The interlocking dual tongue Steel Weight Plates are precision stamped, milled and then molded in a durable polymer. The MX Polymer coating, which covers the MX Steel plates allows our dumbbells and barbells to provide safe, quiet and smooth workouts for a lifetime. 

4th.  While we don't recommend dropping the MX, like you can a dumbbell at your local gym, in the unlikely event something breaks with a drop, like chipping a weight plate or damaging the handset, because of its modular design, replacement is easy, inexpensive and fast! The MX is designed for lifetime use.

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